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This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at http: What do you think about Springer Nature and its family of journals? Tell us in our 10 minute survey. The most extraordinary vascular findings from the Ebers Papyrus are without doubt the detection of aneurysms and varicosis, which shows that they were known at article source years ago to physicians in Ancient Egypt.

Although as a topic they belong to vascular pathology, because of the contextual aspects they and their therapy are presented in this chapter. In addition to varices, further phlebological diseases, such as phlebitis and thrombophlebitis can be recognized, which can first be deduced by ожидать, Ort Einstellung von Blutegeln Krampf Макс detailed analysis of the so-called conifer oil appearance.

Surprisingly, antipyretic and laxative suppositories were routinely used even thousands of years ago. With respect to the treatment methods, even Ancient Egyptian Download Geschichte der Thrombophlebitis Krankheit differentiated between conservative and invasive treatment. Whereas heart diseases were exclusively treated with medications, for vascular diseases both conservative as well as Download Geschichte der Thrombophlebitis Krankheit measures were used.

For the latter, only treatment with incisions and cauterization are verifiable. Authors Authors and affiliations R. Michallek Email author F. Michallek geben an, dass kein Interessenkonflikt besteht.

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